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To provide age-appropriate activities and student opportunities that encourage 21st Century Skill-Building, positive self-expression, healthy relationships with adults and peers, and self-reliance through entrepreneurship.


Students in our program have a life-long passion for the arts and use life-skills developed from the creative process to achieve success beyond secondary education.  


Students ages 12 and older can elect to become members of the Tri-City Youth Art League.  Members of Tri-City Youth Art League go beyond our club activities by participating in gallery nights, competitions, and art shows.  Students in the Tri-City Youth Art League utilize an exploratory, student-led approach in which the student is the leader and advocator for their progression in the arts, and are focused on achieving a personal style and statement with their artwork.

To become a member, a yearly membership fee is required, and students should attend Kids Craft or The Shop once a month to share progress, receive critique, and contribute to our art community.  Members must also participate in Tri-City Youth Art League events twice a year at the minimum.

As part of the Tri-City Youth Art League members: 

-Receive designated studio time among peers

-Have access to studio tools and materials 

-Receive individual and group Instruction from a California Credentialed Secondary EducationTeacher 

-Develop art and life skills, self-awareness, and confidence

-Are a part of a community of belonging and contributing

-Are granted opportunities in entrepreneurship and recognitions with Gallery Nights, Competitions and Art Shows

-Are eligible for scholarships as graduating seniors

***Scholarship toward education in art field awarded through an application process.  Applications are reviewed by a panel of local artists, teachers, and Peace of HeART owner.  Recipients are awarded every June. Scholarship funds are raised through annual membership fees, 5% of Peace of HeART Gallery Sales, fundraising events, and generous community donations.  Peace of HeART Tri-City Youth Art League is a member scholarship provider with the National Scholarship Providers Association.

Contact us today with further questions or to register your child for Tri-City Youth Art League!